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As part of its mission to enhance knowledge of standards and standardization, SES - The Society for  Standards Professionals  has established a certification program to recognize people who have demonstrated a high degree of professional competence in different areas of standards.

SES offers two levels of certification: (1) "AStd" is an associate level that demonstrates a fundamental knowledge of standards and application, and (2) "CStd" is a career professional level that demonstrates a thorough, more sophisticated knowledge of the principles, techniques and effects of standardization and recognizes a person's experience, expertise and contributions in the area of standards. 

A person may be certified in either one of these categories and is entitled to use the AStd or CStd designation as appropriate in personnel records, resumes, letterheads, business cards, etc. to signify peer recognition of professional competence in the field of standards and standardization.

The slides and recording are from our May 2018 Webinar "How, What and Why of SES Certification".

Click here for slides

Click here for a recording of the webinar


SES certification benefits include:

·     Evidence to employers that the individual has attained competence in the

      standards profession

·     A credential for use in seeking position or advancement

·     A criterion for employers to use for selection and advancement in standardization

·     Incentive for professional self-development

·     A means to increase and enhance acceptance of the standards profession

·     Recognition at the annual SES Conference

The first step to certification is the application form that identifies who you are and which of the two levels you wish to become certified.

The second step is completing and submitting the Personal Data Form. This form documents your education, achievements, and experience in the standards business. There are minimum points required and the form lets you determine where your strengths and weaknesses are and provides a measure of your readiness for taking the certification exam.

The third step is passing an open book exam. The AStd exam is based on the SES Guide to Standards and the CStd exam has several sources that are listed in our Certification Booklet.

The fourth step for CStd certification only is publication of a paper or giving a technical presentation at the annual SES Conference.

You must also agree to follow the SES Code of Ethics shown below.

Certification Booklet

Certification Application

AStd Personal Data Form

CStd Personal Data Form

SES Code of Ethics .

Once you have successfully completed all of the requirements, the certification is valid for five years. 

If you require further information, please contact us.

For a list of individuals currently certified click here.

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