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NIST, SES, and Standards Education
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NIST, SES, and Standards Education


In 2011, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Standards Coordination Office, began a program to support the development of new approaches to integrate standards curriculum into courses, modules, seminars, and learning resources at institutions of higher education in the United States. The program was initiated in fiscal year 2012 with six awards totaling $150,000. Since that time, the Standards Services Curricula Development Cooperative Agreement Program has grown to include a total of thirty-one awards for over $1,900,000. Detailed information about the NIST program is available at


Two of the first year’s grants were awarded to SES – the Society for Standards Professionals, for a joint project between SES and Purdue University. One of the byproducts of this work was the creation of a paper describing the work by former Standards Engineering editor, Diane Thompson; this article was published in the March/April 2014 issue of Standards Engineering. This naturally led to the exploration of publishing information about some of the other awards and has resulted in an organized effort by SES to solicit articles for Standards Engineering from each of the award recipients. To date, a number of articles have been published, including an overview paper by Erik Puskar and Mary Jo DiBernardo of NIST, and more are in the pipeline.


Ongoing discussions between NIST and SES suggested that these articles could and should have a wider audience than the membership of SES. As a result, the SES Publications Committee agreed to make the articles available on the SES website available to all at no charge. Articles are listed below (with the date? of publication) and can be downloaded. SES hopes this will encourage further research in and awareness of standards education.


[NOTE]: The work described in these articles was performed under Standards Services Curricula Development Cooperative Agreement Program, of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, US Department of Commerce. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Institute of Standards and Technology or the US Department of Commerce. Similarly, the published articles do not necessarily reflect the views of SES.



 NIST’s Standards Coordination Office: Investing in the Next Generation of Leaders in the Standards Community, Erik Puskar and Mary Jo DiBernardo, NIST (Nov/Dec 2014)



 SES Projects to Integrate Standards in Education Curriculum, Diane C. Thompson, SES (Mar/Apr 2014)

 Standards for Everyone: Mobilizing Interest by Expanding the Agenda, D. Linda Garcia, Georgetown University (Jan/Feb 2015)

 Standards Education in the Liberal Arts: Curricular Materials and Educational Strategies, Paul B. Thompson, John V. Stone, and Lawrence M. Busch, Michigan State University (Jul/Aug 2015)

 Putting Standards in Context, Jeffrey Strauss, Northwestern University (Nov/Dec 2015)



 Standards Education at the University of Pittsburgh, Michael B. Spring, University of Pittsburgh (Nov/Dec 2014)

 Integrating Standards into Courses on High Performance of Garment Protection Systems and Human Protection and Comfort at North Carolina State University, Donald B. Thompson, Roger L. Barker, and Emiel Den Hartog, North Carolina State University (Jan/Feb 2016)

 Standardization, the Humanities, and Design: Strategies for Student Engagement, Andrew L. Russell and Lee Jared Vinsel, Stevens Institute of Technology (May/Jun 2015)



 Measurement Science at the Community College Level: Some Recent Findings, Dave Cunningham, Everett Community College (Jan/Feb 2016)

 Standards in Society: A Critical Research and Curricular Platform at Drexel University, Justin Carone and Amy E. Slaton, Drexel University (Sep/Oct 2016)

 Emergency Egress Standards, Bryan L. Hoskins and Jeanne Homer, Oklahoma State University (Jul/Aug 2017)



On the Pursuit of Relevance in Standards-based Curriculum Development: The CCNY Approach, Angelo Lampousis, City College of New York (Jul/Aug 2017)


 Standards are Everywhere: A Freely Available Introductory Online Educational Program on Standardization for Product Development, Margaret Phillips, Paul McPherson, and Michael Fosmire (May/Jun 2018)


 Standardization in Action: A Critical Path for Translational STEM Education at Drexel University, Sharon Tsai-hsuan Ku, University of Virginia (Nov/Dec 2018)