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SES Webinar April 17. 2019

Public Safety Need Drives Development of Standards for Preparedness & Response to Active Shooter/Hostile Events

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Active shooter events continue to take place at schools, churches, workplaces, and community gathering space all across rural and urban America. Preparedness for these events involves many facets of law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and emergency physicians to enable a coordinated, timely, safe, and effective response. It ultimately involves securing a threat and caring for victims.  In addition, many school systems continually seek better security protocols and infrastructure changes such as reinforced doors and locks, glazing systems for windows, evaluation and shelter-in-place plans to protect their students and staff. However, there is concern that these changes are overriding building fire and safety codes.

Position Available

The SES Executive Director, in conjunction with the Board of Directors has convened a Search Committee for the position of Editor of Standards Engineering, the official, bi-monthly Journal of SES – The Society for Standards Professionals.

The Editor of Standards Engineering is primarily responsible for soliciting articles for each issue of the Journal, writing some articles, including an editorial for each issue, editing all Journal content, working with vendors on layout and production, and actively participating in the Publications Committee which is responsible for overseeing the Journal.

Applications for the Editor position should be sent by June 3, 2019 to



Save the Date! 


The 68th Annual SES Conference will take place August 6–8, 2019 in the beautiful city of Montreal, QC. Every five years we head north of the boarder for this annual event so we are all looking forward to being in Canada again. Whether you’re a seasoned member, or just starting out on your standards journey, SES is there to support, educate, and grow our community. The conference provides an opportunity to:


  • Network with fellow SES Members
  • Complete your SES Certification
  • Attend presentations on advancements in standards development
  • Participate in engaging workshop

SES-The Society for Standards Professionals will hold its annual conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 6-8, 2019, with the conference sessions being held on August 7-8. The theme of the 2019 conference is “Standardization: Towards a Better Quality of Life” and will bring together standards professionals from around the world to share experiences and best practices in standards development and conformity assessment. This theme examines how Standardization is progressing the global imperatives of societies, public health and community safety, climate change adaptation, legal and other complex issues and more. Attendees include standards administrators, technical experts who participate in standards development as subject matter experts, standards users, conformity assessment professionals, standards development and publication support organizations, and others who are engaged in standards and conformity assessment. See the Annual Conference page for details.


2019 SES Student Scholarship Program!


The Society for Standards Professionals has established a Scholarship Program to support students involved in the use of standards in their academic curriculum. We know that each new generation of graduating students holds the potential for helping us achieve our mission of increasing awareness and use of standards. See details here.


September/October Issue of Standards Engineering

The September/October issue always highlights events from the SES annual conference - celebrate this year’s award winners and honor the incoming Board of Directors and the SES committees, plus the full text of the president’s State of the Society address.

SES to Review SES2 2011 Model Procedure for the Development of Standards.

SES SC has started the review of its SES2 2011 Model Procedure for the Development of Standards. Some of the areas identified for review are:

Consensus requirements – the three current “Options” would become examples;  other popular ones could be added. The committee is considering what to do with abstentions?

Opportunity to vote – letter ballots, vote during meetings, etc.

Disposition of comments –treatment for those submitted with affirmative or negative votes, options to address them and get consensus on resolutions, level of consensus needed function of the stage of the approval process.

To submit comments or suggestions around these areas email

Webinar - SES-3 - The Essential Framework for Joint Standards Development

Sponsored by Techstreet, a division of Clarivate Analytics

Recent trends in standards development indicate an increase in efforts where two or more organizations enter into an agreement for the development and publication of a Joint Standard. SES-3 was published in 2016 to provide guidance to interested parties by outlining the key components of a Joint Standards Agreement and a recommended process for managing the development of Joint Standards. This webinar presents an overview of the SES-3 standard.

Download the recording or the slides of the November 2016 Webinar presented by two members of the SES Publications Committee, Mark Ramlochan, Standards Project Manager at ULC Standards, and Tricia Sena, Standards Project Manager at UL Standards.

Click here to view the recording

Click here to view the slides

Now Available - SES 3:2016, 'Recommended Practice for Joint Standards Development'

This recommended practice provides guidance to Standards Development Organizations for the development of Joint Standards by outlining the key components of a Joint Standards Agreement and a recommended process for managing the development of Joint Standards. Click here for more information on SES 3 and to purchase your copy!

News Release - ICC Assist Efforts of SES in Providing Support for SDOs

The International Code Council is pleased to be collaborating with SES - The Society for Standards Professionals in the distribution of two key resources design to assist Standard Developers and others who utilize or are involved in the standards development process. These two publications,ANSI/SES-1:2013, Recommended Practice for Designation and Organization of Standards and SES-2:2012, Model Procedure for the Development of Standards provide guidance for those interested in the effective creation and implementation of standards. Click here to read the full News Release

SES Refer A Friend (RAF) Program

Refer business associates or friends who you think can benefit from a SES membership, and be rewarded. Through the SES Refer a Friend (RAF) Program, SES rewards your efforts to promote SES and recruit new Members. Entering is easy. Complete the “Refer a Friend” section on the SES Website under My Profile and we’ll take care of the rest. The SES website will track the members who have joined via your invitation.

Click here for program details.

Standards Engineering

The bi-monthly journal of SES, Standards Engineering brings together, in one place, an easy-to-read accumulation of timely articles, best practices, advice on processes, and new technology innovations, and a series of feature columns by some of the profession's best thinkers and active participants. The journal can be viewed in multiple e-pub formats, log in to the Member's Only area of this site to view the current and historical editions of Standards Engineering.

SES and IP-Shield Announce the IP Alliance

SDOs lose revenue via unintentional and sometimes illegal distribution of their standards. While we may never be able to police the infringement from unauthorized sales, we CAN support the SDOs by calling attention to common misuses in the workplace. SES and IP-Shield bring you the IP Alliance, which believes education is the key to stopping copyright infringement. By joining the alliance we provide you with resources including a short video to post on your website to help your users mitigate risk. For more information visit: IP Alliance.

SES Sponsored Training

In partnership with IP-Shield, SES offers Standards Aware™, a collection of 8 IACET approved courses designed for anyone who develops, uses, references, or distributes standards. From new hires and recent college graduates, to seasoned engineers and professionals across industries, this collection offers something for everyone. Users can take individual courses relevant to their needs, or the entire series. Curious to learn more, take a sneak peak here:

Learn more about modules and pricing!

SES Online Store

Click here to visit the SES Online Store for standards-related publications and professional development courses.


Interested in learning more about the benefits of individual or organizational membership in SES?  Click here membership to find out how to join and why standards professionals choose to belong to SES - The Society for Standards Professionals.

United States Standards Strategy USSS

The United States Standards Strategy provides a framework that can be used by all interested parties to further advance trade issues, and a vision for the future of the U.S. standards system in today’s globally competitive economy.  To access the Strategy click here.

Canadian Standards Strategy

The purpose of the Canadian Standards Strategy (CSS) is to provide direction and leadership on how to best use standardization to advance the social and economic well-being of Canadians in a global economy.  A key priority is balancing health, safety and environmental concerns with trade, innovation and economic competitiveness.  To view the Canadian Standards Strategy 2009-2012 click here.


The Archives contain past postings of news items and events from the main page. If you are looking for something that was formerly posted here, but is not visible now, the Archives are a good place to check.  Visit our Archives.

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