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The following standards and publications are available for purchase from SES. All prices are in USD:

SES 1:2017, Recommended Practice for Designation and Organization of Standards
This recommended practice provides guidance on designating and organizing standards for standards developers and users. It also standardizes where information should be located within broad generic types of standards. Separate sections on referenced publications, definitions, standards elements, and arrangement are included.
$25 USD (SES Member)          $35 USD (Non-Member) 


SES 2:2011, Model Procedure for the Development of Standards
This standard provides a model standards development procedure that contains all of the essential requirements of due process that a credible standards development organization should consider. The procedure, which was revised according to a test case through the ANSI Executive Standards Council, is in a readily adoptable format with options for its use by any size and type of organization.

$25 USD (SES Member)          $35 USD (Non-Member)


SES 3:2016, Recommended Practice for Joint Standards Development
This recommended practice provides guidance to Standards Development Organizations for the development of Joint Standards by outlining the key components of a Joint Standards Agreement and a recommended process for managing the development of Joint Standards.

$25 USD (SES Member)         $35 USD (Non-Member)


Standards Engineering
The bimonthly journal of SES, Standards Engineering brings together, in one place, an easy-to-read accumulation of timely articles, best practices, advice on processes, and new technology innovations, and a series of feature columns by some of the profession's best thinkers and active participants. Now available in
e-pub formats!

Free (SES Member) $60/year USD (Non-Member – US and Canada)
$100/year USD (Non-Member – International)

A Guide To Standards
This introductory primer covers the history of standards, what they are and how they are used, the various types of standards, who develops them, and the process that is used. It also covers how to locate standards, conformity assessment, legal implications, strategic standardization, and the future of standards. A glossary and index also are included.

$30 USD (SES Member)         $40 USD (Non-Member)


NTTAA Booklet
This booklet contains examples from over 30 standards developing organizations, federal agencies, and companies to illustrate the positive impact that the “National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act” has had since its enactment in 1996.
$10 USD (SES Member)          $12 USD (Non-Member)


The Economics of Standardization
This book is a collection of five papers covering various methods to apply cost-benefit analysis to the standards process.

$10 USD (SES Member)          $12 USD (Non-Member)

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Webinars Featuring SES Publications

What to do About SES-1 and -2!
Have you been considering making the leap to becoming a standards developer but don’t know where to start? This webinar is for associations that are considering starting a standards development program, or for standards developers looking for new ideas, particularly towards harmonizing with other associations. It will introduce the latest versions of the SES templates for managing standards development processes, and for creating ANSI-approved standards designations.

Download the recording or the slides of the November 2015 SES Webinar presented by Dr. Joe Bocchiaro III, Principal Consultant at The Sextant Group, on how to use these standards.

Click here to view the recording

Click here to view the slides



SES-3 - The Essential Framework for Joint Standards Development

Recent trends in standards development indicate an increase in efforts where two or more organizations enter into an agreement for the development and publication of a Joint Standard. SES-3 was published in 2016 to provide guidance to interested parties by outlining the key components of a Joint Standards Agreement and a recommended process for managing the development of Joint Standards. This webinar presents an overview of the SES-3 standard.

Download the recording or the slides of the November 2016 Webinar presented by two members of the SES Publications Committee, Mark Ramlochan, Standards Project Manager at ULC Standards, and Tricia Sena, Standards Project Manager at UL Standards.

Click here to view the recording

Click here to view the slides