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SES Jan 2017 Webinar Bank
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Please join our speaker for the January 2017 SES Webinar:

Andrew Bank, Strategy and Business Development at XSB, Inc - The Makers of SWISS

A New Revolution: SDOs are Turning "Dead Text" PDF Standards Into Usable Digital Data

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 from 1:00 – 2:30 pm ET

Free to SES members; $50 for non-members

The webinar will be moderated and there will be opportunity for questions.

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About the Webinar:

For decades, engineers have been copying/pasting and manually re-keying standards information from "dead text" PDF files into RFPs, work instructions, internal documents, PLM systems, CAD software, and many other derivatives to get their jobs done. This adds significant time and cost, and introduces unnecessary risk into the product life cycle. This terribly inefficient practice also creates static information that doesn't stay up to date and doesn't facilitate connections with referenced and related standards. In short, today's standards usage paradigm doesn't jive with the modern engineering workflow -- not to mention the Digital Thread or the Model Based Enterprise.

In this webinar, we'll discuss these problems and new business models/solutions and highlight one potential solution called SWISS, the Semantic Web for Interoperable Specs and Standards. SWISS is an interoperable standards platform run by a neutral third-party with the cooperation of national and international standards publishers. SWISS turns "dead text" PDF standards into "digital data" which can be easily integrated into the enterprise and supply chain while maintaining live connections to the authoritative source data. Users can drag-and-drop elements of standards -- like text, tables, graphs, equations, and images -- into the applications they use every day such as MS Word, Excel, Siemens Team Center, and PTC Windchill. SWISS is a network of smart, connected data that always “knows” its status and its relationship with other content, and maintains fidelity throughout the enterprise and supply chain.

LEVEL:  Intermediate

About the Speaker:

Andrew is an entrepreneur, growth strategy consultant, co-founder of Techstreet, and an advocate of the SWISS interoperable standards platform. During his time at Techstreet, he established more than 350 licensing and distribution agreements with standards developers and pioneered several enduring cornerstones of the standards world including PDF delivery, build-your-own subscriptions, and digital rights management. After Techstreet, Andrew created a mobile loyalty platform to help community banks and credit unions create life-long happy customers. Since then, he has helped numerous companies in areas of standards development and delivery, regulatory information management, engineering information workflow, and platform economics. Andrew grew up in Flint, MI, holds an engineering degree from the University of Michigan, and lives in Ann Arbor, MI with his wife, three kids, and many pairs of skis. He believes that "ideas are easy, execution is everything."   

This Webinar is sponsored by Techstreet