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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight


The SES recently sat down with SES member, Jeff Newman, IEEE GlobalSpec, to discuss his work in standards and with the SES. Jeff is a member of the SES Marketing committee with career highlights including 6 Time Presidents Club Winner, Developed DOD SADBU Website for Mentor Protégé Program, Developed first secure patient/physician portal for NIH Cancer Research Center.

Jeff has been a member of the SES for 6 years, learn more about Jeff and his work with the SES...

Why did you become an SES Member?

Initially I became a member primarily for Networking and Discounting on SES Events but in attending SES events and Networking with other SES member I saw firsthand how important SES is to the harmonization of Standards and how all the SES members were focused on “What can we do to make this a safer world?” and I wanted to play a role in supporting these goals also.

Have you attended the SES Annual Conference, received the SES publication, or interacted with SES on social media? If so, provide a few fun memories or learning opportunities that you enjoyed.

There are so many great memories from SES conferences, it’s hard to know where to start.  Perhaps the funniest memory is from Ottawa at the SES dinner when everyone was trying to get in from the rain and as I was first to the door, and already soaked, I ended up being doorman for everyone else.  Also, in Nashville, I attended one of the dinners for people newer to SES and felt so welcomed and learned so much from the folks who attended dinner with me – it was one of my best fun & learning times. 

What role does SES play in your career?

SES plays a large role in my career.  My participation enables me be aware and learn about common themes across Standards that our community as whole is dealing with whether that is overabundance of Certifications and how to know which is valuable all the way over to learning about the role Digital Threading could play in Standards development moving forward. 

What does ‘standards development’ mean to you?

To me it means, coming together from sometimes diverse industries or verticals to develop a safer and more secure world. 

How do you use Standards in your day-to-day work?

IEEE GlobalSpec supports over 9M registered engineers so my primary goal is to always be promoting the need for and value of Standards to our Engineering Community while highlighting key new code releases, so our community can be on top of the latest standards.

Would you recommend SES to others? If so, why?

Absolutely!  SES has something for everyone whether that’s networking, education or partnering with other organizations.

If possible, please provide a personal story of a positive interaction with the SES or an SES member.

This past year in Montreal, I sat at one of the breakfast tables before sessions began.  I was seated at a table where I didn’t know anyone, but everyone introduced themselves and was extremely welcoming.  Shortly after I sat down, someone brought up 5G then we transitioned into efforts on Cybersecurity, but the time breakfast was over I felt like I’d been to an extra conf session I had learned so much in just 30 min of discussing and learned multiple points of view.


SES Member Spotlight

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