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2020 SES Student Scholarship Awardee

2020 SES Student Scholarship Awardee



Tyler Kleinsasser

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Rapid City, South Dakota

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Getting to know Tyler

My name is Tyler and I am pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering - Construction, Engineering & Management. I first became interested in civil engineering and construction because several family members are in this field. I like being able to see the accomplishment of my work when a new construction project is finished.


How did you hear about the SES Student Scholarship?

Online research for career opportunities.


What was it like developing your application, did you learn something about yourself or your interest in standards that you didn’t realize?

I learned more about how prevalent standards are in my field and the important role that they play. For example, standards from organizations like ASCE, ACI, and ASTM each play an integral role in my courses and future career.


What sparked your interest in standards?

The realization that standards are everywhere and sometimes unnoticed, but still vital to a successful project. For example, everything from testing concrete to chemical lab procedures are guided by standards.


What role do you think standards plays in your day-to-day life?

Recently I’ve learned that they play more of a role than I had previously realized. The importance of standards helps to keep processes consistent so that results are useful to the people involved. If laboratory experiments did not follow a set procedure and rules, then the results obtained would be largely meaningless. In engineering, we have to be able to have data that is accurate and reliable, and standards help accomplish this.


How do you think you can contribute to the standardization process, industry, and future of standards?

First, I think that recognizing the prevalence of standards and understanding their contribution to my field is important. Many years ago, the engineering profession was not nearly as advanced, and it’s been the commitment of hundreds and thousands of professionals that has gotten us to where we are today. Because of that realization, one step moving forward that I’d like to take is being part of committees that help review and write standards. I’m realizing more and more the importance of standards, and I’d like to help advance that facet of the engineering profession throughout my career.


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