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2016 Conference Program
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New Frontiers in Standards and Conformity Assessment

August 8 – 11, 2016
Grand Hyatt Denver
Denver, Colorado

Click here for a PDF of the Advance Program


4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Registration

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM Exhibits

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Welcome Reception


7:45 AM Registration, Breakfast, and Exhibits

8:45 AM Official Opening
Amanda Benedict, AStd, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), Conference Chair
Richard Forselius, CStd, FSES, Sikorsky Aircraft, SES President

9:00 AM Keynote Address
Keith Williams,
President and Chief Executive Officer, UL LLC

9:45 AM Refreshment Break and Exhibits

10:00 AM SESSION 1 – Harmonization and Conformity Assessment—Challenges and Opportunities
Standards developers and users face many challenges in dealing with different approaches to adoption or implementation of standards between countries and organizations. Harmonizing standards and developing appropriate conformity assessment programs can help to overcome these challenges. This session will discuss these topics and provide answers to the following questions:

  • What are the key benefits of harmonizing standards, regulations, and conformity assessment practices?
  • How are revisions to international conformity assessment standards impacting certification bodies and other users?
  • What are considerations for developing conformity assessment programs?

Moderator: Lisa Carnahan, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

U.S. Conformity Assessment Infrastructure for Personal Protective Equipment
Richard Metzler, NIOSH Respiratory Protection Consultant

Progress on Updates to Conformity Assessment Standards ISO 17011 and ISO 17025
Pat Gleason, Safety Equipment Institute 

Facilitating Harmonization of Market Entry Required Standards and Certification Schemes
Kevin Wong, Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating

Questions & Answers

11:30 AM Meet the Exhibitors

12:00 PM Luncheon and SES Awards Presentation 
Carol Herman,
AAMI, Awards Committee Chair

1:00 PM Exhibits

1:30 PM SESSION 2 – The Impact of the Legal and Regulatory Environments on Standards and Standardization
The world in which standards and standardization exists is fast paced, at times quixotic, and generally not in favor of embracing additional regulation or legal constraints. However, the existence of both regulatory and legal institutions is necessary to create a safe, stable, and democratic society. The interplay and impact legal and regulatory environments have on standards and standardization can be most dynamic. This impact is most noted in such areas as international trade, product development, and consumer protection. At times, technology, invention, or societal forces leap ahead of the regulatory, legal and standards communities. When such a scenario occurs these communities may join together to address the situation. This session will explore what happens or could happen when a product gets to market before the legal, regulatory, or standardization community is prepared. 

Moderator: Begonia Lojk, Canadian General Standards Board

Federal Standards Policy Update—What’s new with A-119?
Mary Donaldson, NIST

Starting an SDO from Scratch—Forensic Standards and the NAS Report
Teresa Ambrosius, AStd, American Academy of Forensic Sciences Standards Board

The Hoverboard Crisis—A Case Study in Standards Addressing Global Regulatory and Legal Challenges
Ken Boyce, UL LLC

Questions & Answers

3:00 PM Refreshment Break and Exhibits

3:15 PM SESSION 3 – On the Frontier: Standards for Tomorrow 
You see bits of news and notices of a subject matter percolating through the standards community. One group publishes a journal, another starts a committee, and another provides a speaker to an event. What you are witnessing is a trend developing that impacts the future of standards professionals. In this session we will discuss current activities that appear to be developing into future trends.

Moderator: Chuck Sidebottom, PPO Standards

Smart Manufacturing/Additive Manufacturing/3-D Printing
Pat Picariello, ASTM International

Space, Mars, and Standards
Paul Gill, NASA

The Aging Infrastructure and How it Relates to Flint, Michigan and AWWA Standards Work
Paul Olson, American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Questions & Answers

4:45 PM Day One Ends


5:30 PM to 9:30 PM Dinner—The Fort

Join your colleagues for networking and dinner at The Fort Restaurant! An award-winning Denver western restaurant located just southwest of Denver, The Fort is one of the nation’s most recognized establishments. The menu offers a tantalizing selection of old and new foods from the Early West. The bus will depart the hotel at 5:30, and leave The Fort to return to the hotel at 8:45.


7:15 AM Registration, Breakfast, and Exhibits

8:15 AM Discussion of the Certification Standards Professionals Programs
Lee Webster,
SES Certification Chair

Do You Need Certification for Standards Professionals?—Sharing Korea's Recent CSP Efforts
Donggeun Choi, Korean Standards Association (KSA)

Questions & Answers

8:45 AM SESSION 4 – The Changing Landscape of Standards—Technological and Societal Impacts
Society and technology impact the world of standards professionals. The world that we work in is very different than the world we operated in just 10 years ago. Much technology has been recently researched and developed, following the trend of technology adoption and implementation. Societal and cultural pressures further impact the areas of focus for standards professionals by increasing the attention of society on specific subject matter. In this session we will present recent changes that are impacting standards development.

Moderator: Lisa Spellman, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

The Drones are Here! A UAS Standards Case Study
Cortney Robinson, Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)

Consortia Standards Development between US, Canada, Mexico and all of the Americas: Why do it? Can it reduce trade barriers and enhance the global position of the Nations of the Americas?
John Thompson, UL LLC

Improving the Testing of Ballistic-Resistant Body Armor through Harmonization of Standards
Casandra Robinson, NIST

Questions & Answers

10:15 AM Refreshment Break and Exhibits

10:30 AM SESSION 5 – The Invisibility of the Virtual World—My Microwave is Also my Smart Phone
Today, your microwave may have features and functionality that enable it to serve as more than simply an appliance for heating and cooking foods. As product functionality and connectivity evolve, users and developers of technology, including government, seek to have seamless and easily adopted products. In today’s virtual world, we are still more sensitive to what we see than what we don’t see. However, with everything being more “digital” and thus more connected now, there is a shift in the risk parameters for users. As a consequence, standards committees have many more parameters to address during standards development. Regulators must consider not just how these new technologies meet the regulator’s objective but also how they might affect other products, services, and regulated areas. This session discusses how cybersecurity is being addressed in the areas of standards, user communities, and regulatory approaches. 

Moderator: Martha Hecht, MABE

Does Standards Development have a Role in Cyber Defense? If so, What is that Role? What Should it be?
Larry Clinton, Internet Security Alliance

Rounding up Information Security Standards—Data Protection in Cloud, Internet of Things and the New Smart World
Laura Lindsay, Microsoft

Reducing Cyber Risks to Critical Infrastructure—A Sector-Specific Approach
Kevin Morley, AWWA

Questions & Answers

12:00 PM Luncheon and SES Annual Meeting
Richard Forselius, CStd, FSES,
Sikorsky Aircraft, SES President

1:15 PM SESSION 6 – Bridging the Gap—Leveraging the Value of New and Seasoned Standards Professionals
As the standards industry is changing due to new outlooks in technology, globalization, and how organizations operate, the portrait of a standards professional is evolving to reflect the new skills that are needed. Standards bodies are reinventing themselves to leverage new technology and devices, and new technology has changed how staff members and volunteers participate in the standards development process. In light of these changes, what are organizations doing to recruit, develop, and retain new/ young professionals as well as seasoned standards professionals; how are the skills of new professionals are being leveraged; and how is knowledge transfer and succession planning being addressed? This session will discuss these challenges and novel approaches to addressing the issues.

Moderator: Peter Symes, Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE)

Injecting New Blood into the Standards World
Claudia Sama Álvarez, Mexican Ministry of Economy/General Bureau of Standards

Development of Standards Professionals
Carol Herman, AAMI

Educating Future Practitioners on the Importance of Technical Standards
Paul McPherson, Purdue University

Questions & Answers

2:45 PM Refreshment Break and Exhibits

3:00 PM SESSION 7 – New Frontiers and Strategies with Digital Publishing 
Standards publishing is always changing and this session will provide you with a great working knowledge of the latest developments and equip you with relevant digital strategies that work. How has “Digital Technologies”, the “Internet of Things”, and new “Data Usage Analytics” changed the culture in the way users buy and consume standards and related content? This session will challenge old assumptions and old business structures and start new dialogues. How are organizations using new data to inform product development and anticipate user needs, extend the value of their Standards and content within an integrated workflow, create new products, and utilize data to serve an expanding and changing global market? How are companies leveraging technology so users can discover the right content? Are these decisions generating new revenues and creating cost savings? 

Moderator: Steve Noth, IHS

Technology is Changing How Organizations Produce and Customers Demand Content
JoAnn Hackos, Center for Information Development Management

Improving Interoperability of Standards through Standardization
Todd Carpenter, National Information Standards Organization (NISO)

IEEE Standards University—MOOCs and More
Jennifer McClain, IEEE

Questions & Answers

4:30 PM Conference Ends 



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