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Award - Fellow
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The Award consists of a distinctively colored SES lapel pin and is accompanied by a professionally mounted Citation. The Award is presented at the SES Annual Conference.


This Award is presented by invitation of the Board of Directors, upon the recommendation of the Awards Committee, for Professional distinction in, and special contribution to, the field of standardization, as: 

An Executive, Manager, Scientist, Engineer, Technologist, Writer or Information Specialist engaged in the field of Standards or Standardization who has attained professional distinction; who has been engaged in this discipline for at least 10 years; and, who has directed or participated in important work applying the principles of standardization for at least three (3) years, or,

  • A Professor or Teacher in a University, College or School of recognized standing, who has contributed to the advancement of the principles of Standardization, or,

  • An individual who has done notable original work which has contributed to the advancement of standardization, and has thereby attained professional distinction, or,

  •  An individual regularly engaged in standards or standardization work for at least 10 years, and, who by special contribution to the advancement of standardization or related documentation, has attained professional distinction.

  • The Award is presented on an annual basis.

  •  Only individuals who have been members of SES for the past ten (10) years are eligible for nomination.


2017 SES Fellow Recipients:


Recipient: Pat A. Picariello, Director, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International

Pat Picariello has been a long-standing supporter of standards development and use through is 20+ years of service at ASTM.  Pat is a Director in Technical Committee Operations at ASTM International where he manages a collection of technical committees and supervises a group of staff managers.  During his time at ASTM he has managed a multitude of high level committees including F42 on Additive Manufacturing, F04 on Medical Devices, D01 on Paint, F17 on Plastic Pipe, B09 on Metal Powders and E28 on Mechanical Testing.  All of these committees have recognized Pat’s dedication and solid work with Awards of Appreciation. 

Pat has served as the staff liaison on ASTM’s Committee On Technical Committee Operations (COTCO) Regulations Subcommittee for many years where he was responsible for facilitating numerous key changes to ASTM’s Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees.  Pat has also served as the Director of Developmental Operations where he was responsible for exploring, planning, organizing, and managing all aspects of new activity development. This includes facilitating the formation of new committees, subcommittees, and related areas including training courses and proficiency testing programs. Results of his hard work includes expanded intellectual property from which to develop new products and services, and the expansion of ASTM’s market share to position the organization as a market leader capable of sustaining a variety of external economic factors.

In addition to all his work at ASTM International, Pat is a key leader in his role in helping create a Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing, a plan developed by a group known as the Additive Manufacturing Standards Collaborative (AMSC). Throughout Pat’s career, members of the Society (SES) has benefited from his leadership in addressing complex and innovative areas for standards development and conformity assessment. He is well-deserving of this recognition of SES Fellow.

Recipient: John T. Pace, VP of Publications and Marketing, ASTM International

John Pace has been a tireless advocate for ensuring that the end users of standards can find and access the technical data they need.  He has championed the needs of the users throughout the decades and through many changes in the ways in which standards information is developed, stored, and disseminated.  During his years at Information Handling Services, he was involved in moving the standards from systems which delivered documents in paper, through microfilm and microfiche delivery, and finally into on-line delivery.  In his current role as VP of Publications and Marketing for ASTM International, he has continued working with users from around the world to help articulate how they need to access and use standards data.  He is always ready to listen to users and to look for ways to partner with other standards developers to push on to the next generation of standards development and delivery tools. 

John has been a strong supporter of SES over the years and in supporting the goal of the Society of encouraging and finding ways that standards users and standards developers can work together to best meet the needs of all stakeholders.  For his many years of service to standards, to SES, and to the tenants of the global voluntary consensus standards system, John is a worthy candidate for SES Fellow.


Recipient: Laura E Hitchcock, Senior Standards Specialist and Corporate Project Manager for External Standards Management, Strategy and Policy, The Boeing Company

Laura E. Hitchcock is globally recognized in industry, government, academia, and standards developing organization for her expertise, strong leadership, and contributions in the voluntary standards system.  Her dedication to supporting the voluntary standards system can be illustrated by her numerous past and present leadership roles on national and international standards committees, governing bodies, and professional associations.

For her significant contributions to the voluntary standards system, Ms. Hitchcock has been recognized with some major awards including the Leo B. Moore Medal, ANSI’s Meritorious Service Award, and SAE International’s Technical Standards Board’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

For more than 35 years, Laura Hitchcock has supported and contributed to the voluntary standards system.  Whether as a leader, mentor, educator, or ordinary volunteer, her efforts and commitment to the voluntary standards system and the organization that supports the standards development profession truly capture the spirit of this recognition and she will make an outstanding SES Fellow.

Recipient:  Charles V. Robinson, Director, Standards and Technology, International Society of Automation

Charley (Charles V. Robinson) joined the InTech journal at ISA in 1983 as Assistant Editor. He was previously a technical writer and editor with the Equipment Development Section of Battelle Columbus Laboratories. He also served as a science editor in the College Science Division of Charles E. Merrill Publishing Company and as a science writer for the Herrick Engineering Laboratories and the Water Resource Research Center at Purdue University.

Following his work on InTech, Charley changed positions in early 1990 to work as the Staff Engineer in Standards and Technical Services. He became Manager of Industrial Technical Standards in 2006, and became Director of Standards Administration in 2016--the position he currently holds.

Charley is the Assistant Secretary for IEC TC65/SC65E, Devices and integration in enterprise systems and is a member of the USNC/IEC Technical Management Committee (TMC). His tenure in standards and commitment to SES make him an excellent choice for SES Fellow.


Nomination Procedure: 


Using the nomination form as a guide, you can submit qualified nominations in one of three ways: 

Email: SES Executive Director

Telephone: 1 603 926 0750

Mike Morrell
Executive Director
SES - The Society for Standards Professionals
1950 Lafayette Road
Suite 200
Pourtsmouth, NH 03801 

Supporting Data:
For each nomination, include individual name, organization, and contact information. Also, provide a supporting statement of 350 words or less stating the achievements in support of the nomination.

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