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2017 SES Awards
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2017 SES Award Recipients


Leo B. Moore Award

Recipient: Brian P. Murphy, ULC Standards

Brian has more than 30 years of experience in the Canadian Standards development field, both as the Project Manager of technical committees and the document editor, as well as Manager of the Standards development team at ULC Standards. Brian currently serves as the Operations Manager for ULC Standards where he has been in that role since 1995. As Operations Manager he is responsible for the administration and operation of ULC Standards and oversees the development, approval, preparation, and maintenance of over 200 ULC Standards in the areas of Electrical, Fire, Building Construction and Flammable and Combustible Liquids.

Brian has served as a mentor to numerous standards professionals throughout his career.   Brian serves as the Committee Manager for the SCC Mirror Committee to IEC TC111 on Environmental Standardization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Systems that develops Canada’s position on IEC draft Standards in this field. Brian continues to demonstrate his dedication to safety through his continuing participating on the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Task Groups on Stovetop Fires and Industrial Fire Losses. 

Brian joined the ULC Standards Department in 1979 as the Project Manager for numerous ULC Technical Committees where he was responsible for the development and maintenance of standards concerned with Building Construction; Flammable and Combustible Liquids Storage Tanks and Associated Equipment; and Research for the Fire Service. Prior to joining the ULC Standards Department, Brian worked for UL of Canada in 1978 as a Fire Alarm Technician responsible for testing Fire Alarm Equipment and Systems in accordance with National Standards of Canada. Brian was awarded a Certified Engineering Technologist designation in building environment technology in 1981. Brian holds a diploma as a Fire Alarm Technician from Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario. A member of SES since 1988, Brian was nominated and accepted as a Fellow of the Society of Standards Professionals in 2005. Brian currently serves as the SES Membership Council Director and has been in that role for four years. Brian has been instrumental in establishing the SES Student Scholarship program, as well as helping to grow the Society membership.


SES/ASTM Robert J. Painter Memorial Award

Recipient: Shane Collins, Director Additive Manufacturing Programs, CalRAM

The contributions of Shane Collins to the course of voluntary standardization since joining ASTM, and particularly over the past year, exemplify the ideals of both ASTM and SES. He has been a determined advocate for the development and application of voluntary standards for the leading edge area of additive manufacturing technologies. Collins was one of the primary stakeholders who initially proposed the idea for a new activity on AM and its application to ASTM, and was instrumental in its formation as Committee F42 on Additive Manufacturing Technologies. His commitment to this activity was further rewarded by his peers when he was elected to serve as the inaugural Chairman of Subcommittee F42.05 on Materials and Processes, the largest and most active subcommittee within Committee F42.  During his tenure, the subcommittee as developed 9 of F42’s 15 standards, and during the last year, the committee has grown to over 300 members from 17 countries.  It is particularly noteworthy that Mr. Collins serves as the primary author and technical contact for the 15 items below, designed to help companies in the AM industry comply with a new checklist for accreditation by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) - the checklist is available through the Performance Review Institute. 

The checklist is a critical step for the aerospace industry, as standardization of materials and methods, where quality is essential, will be helpful for this rapidly evolving, highly process-sensitive industry.  This effort will supplement existing specifications published by F42.05 for metal powder bed fusion. New standards will be developed, in conjunction with the International Organization for Standardization’s Technical Committee 261 through a Partner Standards Developing Organization agreement with ASTM International, and provide reference documentation for NADCAP accreditation.  Committee F42 & Shane Collins have provided a vehicle to develop high quality, market relevant, full-consensus standards to serve as the bridge between research and market for this game-changing technology.

Collins joined ASTM in 2009 as a pioneering member of Committee F42 on Additive Manufacturing Technologies.  He was appointed chairman of the F42.05 subcommittee in 2011, and still serves in that capacity. 

Throughout his career, Shane has specialized in program management for long-term projects providing the technical integration of engineering, customer requirements, and operations, including determining the appropriate additive manufacturing technology to manufacture complex components for both metals and polymers. His work often integrates subtractive manufacturing with additive manufacturing.  He has also authored, in whole or in part, a series of publications focusing on AM applications to specific alloys for use in a variety of industry sectors.  Mr. Collins holds an MBA in International Marketing from West Coast University and a BS in Management from Purdue University Krannert School of Management.

Honorary Life Member

Mr. Keith Williams, President and CEO, Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (UL)

Keith Williams is the 10th President of UL and in that role is a strong proponent of Standards and Conformity Assessment.  He is a strong supporter of SES, and under his leadership, UL has consistently partnered with SES, both as an Organizational Member, and by supporting SES initiatives in standards and conformity assessment.  He was the Keynote speaker to the 65th SES Annual Conference, supported the creation of the SES Student Scholarship program making UL the first co-sponsor.  During his 12 years as president, UL has become a global leader in brand protection and a leading research institution into the science of safety. He routinely speaks at events around the world addressing such timely topics as Standards, Conformity Assessment, and Trade.  UL proactively engages governments, public officials, universities and businesses around the world in accelerating the safe introduction of the latest science and technology into the market.  Keith also serves as Chairman of the US-ASEAN Business Council, Secretary Treasurer of the US-China Business Council and he serves on the Boards of NFPA, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, World Business Chicago, and Opera Memphis.

SES/CSA Lorne K. Wagner Memorial Award

Recipient: Sonya M. Bird, International Standards Manager, Global Standards Department, UL, AStd, FSES

Ms. Bird is active in regional and international standards activities. She has been an active participant and leader in SES since 2004 and will be rotating off the SES Board of Directors as Past President at the August 2017 meeting. 

She is the current vice‐chair of the TMC, and recently elected as USNC Vice‐President Technical. In this position, she chairs the TMC and also represents the U.S. on the IEC Standards Management Board (SMB). Sonya leads the USNC TMC Task Force on Model Operating Procedures Verification Process, a group responsible for reviewing and affirming unique procedures of the USTAGs. She is involved in the ANSI International Forum (AIF), the International Policy Committee (IPC) of ANSI, and the ANSI Regional Steering Committees. Sonya also serves as the Secretary of IEC TC 61 (household appliances). Previously, she served as Secretary of USTAG for IEC TC 69 (electric vehicles), and Secretary of the e‐TAG for IEC SMB SG#6 (Electrotechnology for Mobility).

A member of SES since 2004, she has served on the SES Board of Directors as President, Vice‐President, and Membership Director and has also served as SES Conference Committee Chair and SES Membership Committee Chair. She is also a long‐time participant on the Executive Committee of CANENA (Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations of the Americas), where she previously served as Treasurer of the Council, and chair of the CANENA Audit Committee.

Sonya has been a tireless advocate for SES as a professional organization as well as the standards developed by its members.  She has encouraged and mentored new(er) members and is always willing to extent herself to benefit the organization and its members. Her efforts and commitment to SES capture the spirit of the Lorne K. Wagner award and she would be an outstanding recipient.

Sonya Bird is the International Standards Manager in the Global Standards Department of UL. In this role, she leads UL’s international standards outreach and international harmonization activities. Sonya holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University. She is also a graduate of the UL Global Leadership Program (GLP), an extensive educational program provided by UL for its global leaders.

SES Fellow

Recipient: Pat A. Picariello, Director, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International

Pat Picariello has been a long-standing supporter of standards development and use through is 20+ years of service at ASTM.  Pat is a Director in Technical Committee Operations at ASTM International where he manages a collection of technical committees and supervises a group of staff managers.  During his time at ASTM he has managed a multitude of high level committees including F42 on Additive Manufacturing, F04 on Medical Devices, D01 on Paint, F17 on Plastic Pipe, B09 on Metal Powders and E28 on Mechanical Testing.  All of these committees have recognized Pat’s dedication and solid work with Awards of Appreciation. 

Pat has served as the staff liaison on ASTM’s Committee On Technical Committee Operations (COTCO) Regulations Subcommittee for many years where he was responsible for facilitating numerous key changes to ASTM’s Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees.  Pat has also served as the Director of Developmental Operations where he was responsible for exploring, planning, organizing, and managing all aspects of new activity development. This includes facilitating the formation of new committees, subcommittees, and related areas including training courses and proficiency testing programs. Results of his hard work includes expanded intellectual property from which to develop new products and services, and the expansion of ASTM’s market share to position the organization as a market leader capable of sustaining a variety of external economic factors.

In addition to all his work at ASTM International, Pat is a key leader in his role in helping create a Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing, a plan developed by a group known as the Additive Manufacturing Standards Collaborative (AMSC). Throughout Pat’s career, members of the Society (SES) has benefited from his leadership in addressing complex and innovative areas for standards development and conformity assessment. He is well-deserving of this recognition of SES Fellow.

SES Fellow

Recipient: John T. Pace, VP of Publications and Marketing, ASTM International

John Pace has been a tireless advocate for ensuring that the end users of standards can find and access the technical data they need.  He has championed the needs of the users throughout the decades and through many changes in the ways in which standards information is developed, stored, and disseminated.  During his years at Information Handling Services, he was involved in moving the standards from systems which delivered documents in paper, through microfilm and microfiche delivery, and finally into on-line delivery.  In his current role as VP of Publications and Marketing for ASTM International, he has continued working with users from around the world to help articulate how they need to access and use standards data.  He is always ready to listen to users and to look for ways to partner with other standards developers to push on to the next generation of standards development and delivery tools. 

John has been a strong supporter of SES over the years and in supporting the goal of the Society of encouraging and finding ways that standards users and standards developers can work together to best meet the needs of all stakeholders.  For his many years of service to standards, to SES, and to the tenants of the global voluntary consensus standards system, John is a worthy candidate for SES Fellow.


SES Fellow

Recipient: Laura E Hitchcock, Senior Standards Specialist and Corporate Project Manager for External Standards Management, Strategy and Policy, The Boeing Company

Laura E. Hitchcock is globally recognized in industry, government, academia, and standards developing organization for her expertise, strong leadership, and contributions in the voluntary standards system.  Her dedication to supporting the voluntary standards system can be illustrated by her numerous past and present leadership roles on national and international standards committees, governing bodies, and professional associations.

For her significant contributions to the voluntary standards system, Ms. Hitchcock has been recognized with some major awards including the Leo B. Moore Medal, ANSI’s Meritorious Service Award, and SAE International’s Technical Standards Board’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

For more than 35 years, Laura Hitchcock has supported and contributed to the voluntary standards system.  Whether as a leader, mentor, educator, or ordinary volunteer, her efforts and commitment to the voluntary standards system and the organization that supports the standards development profession truly capture the spirit of this recognition and she will make an outstanding SES Fellow.

SES Fellow

Recipient:  Charles V. Robinson, Director, Standards and Technology, International Society of Automation

Charley (Charles V. Robinson) joined the InTech journal at ISA in 1983 as Assistant Editor. He was previously a technical writer and editor with the Equipment Development Section of Battelle Columbus Laboratories. He also served as a science editor in the College Science Division of Charles E. Merrill Publishing Company and as a science writer for the Herrick Engineering Laboratories and the Water Resource Research Center at Purdue University.

Following his work on InTech, Charley changed positions in early 1990 to work as the Staff Engineer in Standards and Technical Services. He became Manager of Industrial Technical Standards in 2006, and became Director of Standards Administration in 2016--the position he currently holds.

Charley is the Assistant Secretary for IEC TC65/SC65E, Devices and integration in enterprise systems and is a member of the USNC/IEC Technical Management Committee (TMC). His tenure in standards and commitment to SES make him an excellent choice for SES Fellow.

SES Distinguished Service Award

Recipient: Dave Felinski, President, IFAN

David Felinski has 40 years of experience in the fields of HSE, Medicine and in the development of Consensus Standards, and is the President of IFAN, a Geneva-based international NGO which represents the interests of standards users at the ISO, IEC and CEN/CENELEC levels. Dave is also the President of B11 Standards Inc., which is the accredited SDO for the ANSI B11 series of machine safety standards, as well as the U.S. TAG Administrator to ISO/TC 199 (machinery), ISO/TC 39 (machine tools) and ISO/TC270 (plastics/rubber).  He also administers the standards program for the Plastics Industry Association’s B151 series of machinery safety standards.  In addition, Dave participates in numerous other domestic, European and ISO standards development activities, and is a member of several professional societies such as the SES, AIHA and ASSE.  He has three Master of Science degrees and has taught many graduate school courses in subjects including standards and regulations, physiology, electron microscopy, and gross anatomy at the University of Michigan Medical School. 

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