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2015 Conference Program
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64th Annual SES Conference

August 10 - 13, 2015
Royal Sonesta Harbor Court
Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland

(click here for a printable PDF of the Advance Program)

Monday, August 10

4:00 PM to 6:00 PM   Registration

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM   Exhibits

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM   Welcome Reception

Tuesday, August 11

8:00 AM   Registration, Breakfast, and Exhibits

9:00 AM   Official Opening

Amanda Benedict Green, Conference Chair

Sonya Bird, AStd, SES President, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)

9:15 AM    Keynote Address -- As Innovation Fuels Economies, Standards Smooth the Ride

S. Joe Bhatia, FSES, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

10:00 AM   Refreshment Break and Exhibits

10:30 AM   SESSION 1 -- The Standards Value Proposition for Global Industries and Economies

As the global marketplace becomes increasingly interdependent and demanding, the competitive landscape will favor those organizations that can inspire and deliver new products and services that instantly delight the customer. This panel will address how organizations can use standards as a tool to gain substantial customer intelligence from the users of standards. Standards consumers/users can update the development community about the resiliency of existing standards in the global economy and also serve as a leading indicator of standards needs that could spark innovation and economic growth. Standards in the administration of healthcare could result in a significant drop in healthcare based GDPs, while improving access, patient satisfaction, and medical outcomes. Since global commerce is transmitted through trade, a deeper understanding of how standardization can facilitate the exchange of goods and services across borders is essential and should be reflected early in the development of any standard or conformity assessment scheme.

Moderator: Eileen Hill, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce

Standards Driving Innovation and Markets in International Commerce
Erin Grossi, UL

How Standards in Plant Operations will Drive Value Creation and Competitiveness Among Global Manufacturers
Richard Robben, University of Michigan

What Ever Happened to the Metric System
John Bemelmans Marciano, Author

Questions & Answers

12:00 PM   Luncheon and SES Awards Presentation

Mary McKiel, Awards Committee Chair

1:00 PM   Exhibits

1:30 PM   SESSION 2 -- When Complies With Just Doesn't Meet the "Mark"

The standards community often emphasize that the standards we develop and utilize are consensus based and voluntary. Their actual application is up to those who choose to make use of them. One of the key applications that standards are used for is conformity assessment. This session will discuss the way in which standards are applied to deliver conformity assessment. Specifically, how do standards support conformity assessment? What are the best practices in applying standards for conformity assessment? What can standards bring to ensure that When complies with just doesn’t meet the “mark” is avoided? What are the trends in the use of standards in conformity assessment?

Moderator: Rae Dulmage, ULC

Standards for Conformity Assessment - Applications across Sectors
Lisa Carnahan, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

EPA’s Use of Standards in the ENERGY STAR Product Certification Scheme
Eamon Monahan, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

CPSC’s Laboratory Acceptance Program for Third Party Testing
Scott Heh, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Questions & Answers

3:00 PM   Refreshment Break and Exhibits

3:30 PM   SESSION 3 -- Technology Influences Impacting New Standard Development Processes through Partnerships & Innovative Collaboration

It has been a while since “big disruptive” technologies have impacted the standards sector. This session will provide insight on the technology influences impacting the global standards market, what we’ve learned, and what’s next. Through innovation and collaboration, standards professionals are transforming content with new production processes and new digital deliverables as well as developing agile best practices for managing emerging technologies. SDOs are adding more interactivity, enriched value, and analytics to existing standards content. This session will review market trends, those shaking up their respective industries, and those causing others to re-evaluate their current practices. Successes as well as lessons learned from companies adapting and transitioning their businesses to meet changing market requirements with regards to digital delivery formats with XML implementation and successful mobile apps will be addressed.

Moderator: Stuart Bowyer, SAI Global

The Global Standards Market: Key Trends and Market Drivers

Unleashing the Power of Content
Becky Fadik, SAE International

New Capabilities of Interactive Standards
Richard Louttet, CSA Group

Questions & Answers


6:30 PM to 9:30 PM   Dinner Cruise -- The Spirit of Baltimore

Departing from the Inner Harbor (just outside the hotel) and cruising along the Patapsco River. This cruise includes amazing views, dinner, cocktails, and plenty of time to catch up with old colleagues and connect with new ones!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

7:30 AM    Registration, Breakfast, and Exhibits

8:30 AM    SESSION 4 -- Redefining the Standards Profession for the 21st Century

The face of the profession is changing due to the evolving nature of standards use and delivery methods. How does the standards professional develop and maintain the necessary skill set to attract new career opportunities?

In this session, we'll hear from standards managers and human resource professionals from industry, government, and an SDO about the skills they seek in hiring decisions and retaining talent in a sometimes challenging environment.

Moderator: Kerrianne Conn, ATIS

An SDO Perspective
Adam Newman, IEEE Standards Association

An Industry Perspective
Kathryn Breininger, The Boeing Company

Standards Training for New Hires (or Grizzled Standards Veterans)
Mike Hogan, NIST

Questions & Answers

10:00 AM   Refreshment Break and Exhibits

10:30 AM   SESSION 5 -- The Interplay Between Patents and Standards

Standardization and intellectual property rights are key contributors to industrial innovation and industrial competitiveness. Standards ensure rapid diffusion of technologies and interoperability between products. Patents provide incentives for research and development and facilitate knowledge transfers. Many standards comprise innovative technologies that are protected by patents. The potential for conflict between patents and standards arises when the implementation of the standard necessitates the use of technology protected by one or more patents. In order to preserve the universal approach of standards, while also respecting the rights of the patent holders, many SDOs have developed an intellectual property rights (IPR) policy. This session will address what different organizations are doing to develop and implement these policies.  

Moderator: Karen Reczek, NIST

The Interface Between SDO's Patent Policies and Public Interest
Bruce Kraemer, IEEE

Patents in Standards—A Federal's Perspective
Henry Wixon, NIST

What are the Ongoing SEPs (Standard-Essential Patents) Debates All About?
Amy Marasco, Microsoft

Questions & Answers

12:00 PM   Luncheon and SES Annual Meeting

Sonya Bird, AStd, SES President, UL

1:00 PM    Exhibits

1:30 PM    SESSION 6 -- Matching Expectations with Standards

Recent graduates from universities have grown up with devices that enable them to access a whole world of information on demand. They are used to getting information about every aspect of their lives online, such as banking, travel, shopping, dining, recreation, etc. When they enter the work force they expect that the tools to do their job will be as instantaneously available. One of the job tools they expect to have instantly accessible is standards information. This session will present views of this topic from a standards information provider, a standards developer and the end user of the standards.

Moderator: Megan Hayes, Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA)

Unleashing Engineering Excellence
Jeff Jarvis, IHS

Technology and Standards: Life in the Fast Lane
John Pace, ASTM International

Moving From “What Did You Expect?” to “What Are Your Expectations?”
Tim West, Deere & Company

Questions & Answers

3:00 PM   Refreshment Break and Exhibits

3:30 PM   SESSION 7 -- The Practical Application of Standards in the Classroom

To a student, standards are an abstract concept: unless you can read one, look at a real problem, and solve it using industry standards, it is difficult to connect the dots. In today's classroom, educators strive to make standards relevant to everyday situations while stressing the importance of adherence to them. Industry could once rely on their experienced engineers (mentors) to teach young engineers these practical applications, but today this practice may be declining due to the drain of experience as boomers retire from the workforce in record numbers. Innovative educators are expected to pick up the slack. How will they do it and how can SDO’s help?

Moderator: Lisa Rajchel, ANSI

The Integration of Academic Research and Standards – Benefits for Both Communities
Stephen Elliot, Purdue University

Welcome to Industry – “One Size Doesn’t Fit All”
Jennifer Kitchen, GE Power & Water

Integrating Product and Process Standards: a New Paradigm in Engineering Curriculums
Mike Schmidt, Strategic Device Compliance Services

Questions & Answers

5:00 PM   Conference Ends

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