2014 World Standards Day Paper Competition

Standards Level the Playing Field

World Standards Day is celebrated annually around the world to increase awareness of the role that standards play in the global economy. The World Standards Day Paper Competition is co-sponsored by SES - The Society for Standards Professionals and the US World Standards Day Planning Committee in an effort to celebrate the global importance of standards and to honor selected individuals in the US Standards community.  The 2014 paper competition winners will be announced and given their awards at the US celebration of World Standards Day, which will be held this year on October 23, 2014, at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Cash prizes are awarded by SES and the World Standards Day Planning Committee for the best three papers submitted. The first place winner receives a plaque and $2,500. Second and third place winners receive $1,000 and $500, respectively, along with a certificate. In addition, the winning papers will be published in the SES journal, Standards Engineering

We are living in a world that is undergoing profound transformations at all levels. Economies have never been more interdependent. Today, products that are consumed in one market are no longer “made in one country;” they are “made in the world.” Before they get to the end-consumer, they transit through many countries where manpower or parts add value to the final product.

Small and medium enterprises that use international standards will find it easier to get their products certified and are better able to compete and sell anywhere in the world. With international standards SMEs are able to take part in global value chains and benefit from technology transfer. Countries that have mainstreamed international standards in their policies and regulations are able to better protect their populations and give them a bigger choice of quality products.

In a multi-polar world, where the influence and economic weight of emerging economies is shifting the balance of power, international standards stimulate trade, overcome artificial trade barriers and help level the playing field. This makes companies, industries and economies more competitive, making it easier for them to export, and stimulates diversification nationally and internationally. 

An award winning paper will:

  • Address the theme in an appropriate and effective manner;
  • Be an original work;
  • Be well written and contain minimal grammar and spelling errors;
  • Use charts, graphs, and pictures to enhance the paper by supporting the theme; and 
  • Correctly cite sources and provide necessary copyright attribution for charts/graphs/pictures. 

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All paper contest submissions must be received with an official entry form by midnight August 8, 2014, by the SES Executive Director, email to admin@ses-standards.org.

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